Danish Ports

Danish Ports is a private association for commercial ports in Denmark, established in 1917.

Danish Ports represents the interests of 64 commercial seaports.

These cover every port corporate model and every type of trade, including freight, passengers, fishery, offshore acitivities and logistics.

Member of European Sea Ports’ Organisation (ESPO).

Registered in the European Transparency Register.

It is Danish Ports' ambition to increase the competitiveness, business development and reputation among all the Danish ports and for each of the individual members.

Welcome to Danish Ports

Danish Ports is a private association for commercial ports in Denmark.

Download our English presentation with statistics of the Danish ports and political focus of Danish Ports.

Presenting Danish Ports

64 Ports in Denmark and Faroe Islands are members of the association of Danish Ports, ranging from large and medium-sized commercial ports to small local ports.

Presentation of members

Danish ports are situated at the gateway from the Atlantic to the Baltic region and therefore have an important role to play in the international trade flow. Denmark enjoys a highly developed infrastructure - both land and maritime - as well as one of the largest maritime clusters in the world.

80 percent of Danish foreign trade volumes are handled in the ports. Recently, the Danish Ports have embarked upon huge investments and expansion projects. This means, that by 2025 the ports will have increased the total area with more than 1200 hectares.

Prepared for the demands for efficient and competent service Danish ports are ready to serve their business partners for the mutual benefit of all parties involved. All Danish ports employ skilled staff and management and operate advanced logistics systems.

Danish Ports welcome all enquiries.

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Key objectives of Danish Ports:
- To influence ports' interests in relation to politicians, authorities and transport organisations in Denmark and the EU.
- To direct focus on ports' role as central nodes in transport chains.
- To create framework conditions for business development of ports.
- To disseminate knowledge and create facilities for knowledge sharing.
- To strengthen sense of community between ports and among groups of ports.

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Danish Ports welcomes all inquiries.

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