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Danish Ports Conference 2018: Port Transformation

The Danish Ports Association invites you to the Port Conference 2018.

The theme of the port conference is transformation. Continued internationalisation, increasing competition and new markets opportunities require transformation to ensure readiness to meet the new challenges and opportunities. This year’s conference zooms in on this transformation – the ports economic development, position and reputation.

What are the consequences of Brexit? What does Ocean Economy mean for the business cases of the ports? And what does the pending new legal framework mean for the ports mean for their business?

This is the focus of the conference and for the first time in the Association of Danish Ports’ 100 year history, the conference will be held in collaboration with Copenhagen Business School (CBS) Maritime. CBS Maritime will with their dedicated academic researchers contribute to further our understanding of the current and coming port transformations and the possibilities that follow.

The Association of Danish Ports invites all ports, maritime and transport organisations, and others with an interest in the throughput value chain to a couple of busy conference days where we will all contribute to finding solutions that match the challenges and opportunities that the Danish ports face.

The port conference commences with a tour around the host port, Port of Esbjerg, on the 10th of April at 10am. At 12.40 the actual conference begins and runs through to the 11th of April at 1pm.

The conference will have a mix of presentations from among other the Minister for transport, Ole Birk Olesen, Ambassador, Claus Grube, visiting professor at CBS, Peter de Langen, Peter Maskell, professor at CBS and Chairman of the advisory board for the new port regulation and many more. There will also be a number of workshops on digitalisation, circular economy and more.

The  preliminary programme, practical information, prices and registration links are to be found on the website of Danish Ports: 

Find the programme of the Port Conference here

Find out more about hotel booking here

Find the exhibitors information here

Registration for the Port Conference 2018 can be done her

We hope to see you and/ your organisation

For more information, please contact Eva Fiil Nielsen at +45 6171 0706 or

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