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Læs Danske Havnes nye rapport om havnenes indsats på klimaområdet

Kilde: Nor-Shipping
Kilde: Nor-Shipping

Ports can be the key to unlocking the vast business potential within the ocean space, says Sofia Furstenberg, Nor-Shipping’s Strategic Lead for the Opening Oceans Conference. As they transform, so too can the way we access, manage and safeguard the immense resources and possibilities that await the world at sea.

It’s no secret that the ocean space is the ‘place to be’ for forward-thinking businesses.

The Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) believes that economic value creation from ocean activities is set to double by the year 2030, with the number of people employed in the industry growing from today’s levels of approximately 30 million to 40 million worldwide.

Blossoming ‘blue’ transport, food, energy, mining, and tourism segments will lead the surge in opportunity, activity and revenues – potentially satisfying the needs, and desires, of a growing global population. But only if the infrastructure is in place to support and facilitate developments.

It’s here where ports have a pivotal role to play.

Platforms for development

New industries require new ways of thinking. In terms of accessing ocean opportunities that means new solutions for mobility and connectivity, new vessels, new facilities (both on- and offshore), new technology, new understanding, and new business collaborations. Ports, as they do today, can operate as the hubs of these activities – the points at which ocean industry plugs into land and comes to life.

Supply, infrastructure, people, products, services – if ports keep pace with the developments of the world around them they can satisfy the requirements of ocean industries and mirror their growth. This is a clear opportunity for existing port businesses. The threat lies in not adjusting to change.

Pole position ports

We can see that through greater automation, digital connectivity, adjusting to new ship sizes and demands, and by enhancing links with multiple modes of transport, the port leaders of today adapt to meet and exploit market needs. As a result they prosper.

The same will be true of how they forge links with the new ocean industries, and how they work to enable truly efficient and smart ocean logistics.

Nor-Shipping’s Opening Oceans Conference (OOC), taking place in Copenhagen from 2-3 May 2018, aims to help.

The need for new discussion

Timed to coincide with Danish Maritime Days, OOC is targeted at c-level executives seeking sustainable business operations related to the ocean space. It will attract key players from arenas including maritime, ocean industry, logistics, finance, advisory organisations, and regulatory bodies, providing a unique platform to discuss opportunities, while equipping delegates with the tools to tackle them and facilitating fresh collaborations.

It is our belief that by bringing industry actors together in this way we can help nurture a growth environment – one where different parties understand one another’s needs and how they can work together for mutual advantage, and, crucially, the sustainable development of the ocean space.

The ocean, alongside ports and the wider maritime industry, is in a transformative phase. With the correct approach we can all benefit from this change. This is why we believe OOC is ‘the place to be’ this May. We hope to see you there.

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