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Læs Danske Havnes nye rapport om havnenes indsats på klimaområdet

Port Esbjerg
Port Esbjerg

Scandinavian Auto Logistics and Port Esbjerg have joined forces to develop a new versatile Ro-Ro
terminal concept. The parties have named the concept “Flexible Multi-Terminal”, as it allows for the
handling of cars, trailers, containers, and high-and-heavy cargoes. The majority owner of Scandinavian Auto Logistics is the Grimaldi Group, which is a multinational logistics group that owns one of the world’s largest fleets of Ro-Ro, multipurpose, pure car, and truck carriers as well as Ro-Ro pax, cruise and ferry vessels. The CEO of Scandinavian Auto Logistics, Henrik Otto Jensen, explains that “the possibility to handle all types
of Ro-Ro cargoes with one of the largest fleets in the world provided the flexibility needed to benefit from the vast network of Grimaldi Lines”.
The “Flexible Multi-Terminal” is prepared for many of these vessels. This ensures the highest flexibility in
the planning, and at the same time the staging area is located directly at the ramps, while the storage areas
are located less than 100 meters from the quayside. This increases capacity and provides optimum
efficiency in cargo handling operations, which is necessary when this multitude of modular cargoes must be

Ship belonging to Grimaldi Lines

The CEO of Port Esbjerg, Dennis Jul Pedersen, explains that the investments in the “Flexible Multi-Terminal”
enhance the Port’s capacity and provide access to the vast route network of the Grimaldi Lines. This allows
for transport of modular goods from the hinterland to three continents, representing some of the fastest
growing markets in the world. The Grimaldi Group operates eight shipping lines on routes connecting Northern Europe, the
Mediterranean, West Africa, and North, East and South America, in addition to being present in automotive
logistics through the ownership of Scandinavian Auto Logistics, where CEO Henrik Otto Jensen states: “We
believe that flexibility and efficiency must be combined, when moving complex cargoes around the world –
and this starts when we receive the goods in Port Esbjerg.”

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