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C-3282 Sediment management: Sæt kryds i kalenderen til fælles-workshop

10. februar kl. 15:00 - 11. februar kl. 12:30


NaCC and SedNet are arranging a joint online Workshop on 10 February afternoon and 11 February morning. You can find the save the date attached with this circular. You can find the save the date attached with this circular. More detailed information on this workshop, such as on the speakers and presentations, will be provided closer to the event.

Navigating a Changing Climate is a PIANC-led Global Climate Action initiative under the UNFCCC ‘non-state actor’ process, set up to promote the sharing of knowledge on how ports and waterborne transport infrastructure can reduce emissions and adapt to climate change (find out more at https://navclimate.pianc.org/). SedNet is the European network aimed at incorporating sediment issues and knowledge into European strategies to support the achievement of good environmental status and to develop new tools for sediment management (see https://sednet.org/). Navigating a Changing Climate and SedNet are collaborating to run a workshop exploring areas of comment interest. The workshop, entitled “Sediment management opportunities to address the climate change challenge”, will comprise two consecutive half-day sessions. Its aim is to facilitate knowledge exchange, disseminate good practice, highlight opportunities, and identify gaps in understanding or research needs in relation to the four topics mentioned below, with an emphasis on ports, waterways, dredging, and associated infrastructure/ activities. It promises to be an inspiring workshop for sediment practitioners (policy and management) as well as scientists. Invited key-note speakers and selected abstracts will address in the following (non-parallel) sessions – with room for Q&A – these four topics:

1. Role of sediment management in carbon sequestration and storage: opportunities to contribute to a net reduction in greenhouse gas emissions;

2. Sediments and climate change adaptation: seeking flexible and adaptive solutions to strengthen resilience and adapt port and navigation infrastructure and operations;

3. Habitat enhancement and creation, Working-with-Nature, and other nature-based solutions;

4. Sediment management, circular economy, and the waste hierarchy: reduce, reuse, recycle.

Note: There is not a fixed time for the workshops yet, but they will be held on the 10th (Afternoon) and 11th (Morning) of February 2021.

Kontakt miljøkonsulent Kasper Ullum for mere information.

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10. februar kl. 15:00
11. februar kl. 12:30
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