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ESPO Konference 2021

25. maj - 28. maj

This year, the ESPO Conference will be sailing towards you: We are taking you on a Conference Regatta, crossing Europe from South to North. We set sail in the Port of Valencia on Tuesday 25 May. From there we sail off to Ghent, where we will be welcomed by our second host, North Sea Port on Wednesday 26 May. Our last port of call will be the Port of Oslo, where we race to the finish line on Friday 28 May.

We all hope that you will be part of this unique 17th edition of the ESPO Conference, either in-person at one of the destinations or virtually, or maybe combining both. We have so much to talk about!

After a year of disruption, Europe is preparing for a green recovery, a plan that aims at combining the need to recover with the delivery of the Green Deal, Europe’s flagship project to become the world’s first net-zero emission area by 2050. At the same time, the EU seeks to strengthen its resilience by pursuing an open strategic autonomy approach in trade. Finally, on the 1st of January, we became the EU-27, a game-changer for Europe’s ports or not?

In 2020, Europe’s ports have shown the best of themselves. Throughout the pandemic, they remained operational and have been playing a critical role in keeping the supply chains going.

It is now time to prepare for the future. Being at the center of different strategies, Europe’s ports can be a partner in building a stronger and better Europe. They can develop towards becoming real engines of growth and green recovery while engaging fully in the digitalization process. What do ports have to offer? Which tools and policy ingredients are needed to boost this development? How to engage all partners in the port ecosystem?

Join us for this ESPO Conference Regatta 2021 and let’s talk all together – port industry, businesses, academics, and, last but not least, EU policymakers – about the future of ports as part of a strong and resilient European economy and society.

Save the date now! We will be back soon with an exciting program and more information on how to welcome you onboard this Annual Highlight of the European port industry!


25. maj
28. maj


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