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Ports & Drones – can a drone really do that?

19. maj kl. 11:00 - 17:00

Within recent years, the use of drones for professional purposes has developed massively, and today drones are being used for a wide range of services. Also, the Maritime Industry has discovered advantages in using drones in the daily operations and is taking part in this.
By using drones, it is now possible to get a closer look at areas that are difficult to access or to get a quick bird’s-eye view, without use of expensive machinery and without exposing your staff to risks and harsh environments. Drones are already used for services like perimeter control, inspection of damages to infrastructure and machinery, measuring volumes of bulk cargoes, measuring storage areas – and even saving CO2!
To help shed some light on the many possibilities of this technology and perhaps even shape new ideas, we will present speakers who are all deeply involved in the development and current use of drones.

You will also be able to learn more about the legal side of flying drones, and you will be invited to see a drone flying in real life – and you might also like to try Danpilot’s ship simulator.

11:00 – 13:00 Light lunch, networking and visit Danpilot’s ship simulator (optional)

13:00 – 16:30

  • Welcome and intro to the topic
    Teit Silberling, Director Commercial, UAS Denmark
  • The potential of automation with the use of drones
    Kristian Skaarup, CEO, LORENZ Technology

    • Case: The drone as a tool in the pilot tool-box – about Danpilot’s project on remote-controlled and land-based pilotage using drones
      Hanne Hinrichsen, Business Development Manager, Danpilot
    • Cases from DFDS: The vast potential of drones and advanced technologies in the Maritime Industry
  • Drones supporting port logistics and security
    • Onboard drone for navigation, man-overboard, fire management and support of autonomous vessel operation
    • Drones for vessel inspections, data capture, and documentation
      Mads Billesø, Senior Project Manager, Innovation and Partnerships, DFDS
  • BREAK with drone flying
  •  Upcoming EU drone regulations in a Danish context – where are we and where are we heading?
    Michael Dela, Head of Division, CAA-DK, Danish Transport, Construction & Housing Authority
  • Panel debate
    Moderator: Teit Silberling, Director Commercial, UAS Denmark
    The event is conducted in English

Price (ex. VAT)
MDC-member: Free
Non-member: 995 DKK
No-show fee: 500 DKK



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