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Become an Exhibitor at the Port Conference 2018

Every second year the association of Danish Ports are hosting a Port Conference and a general assembly. This year’s Port Conference and general assembly will be held at the Port of Esbjerg.

Port of Esbjerg’s transformation from a fishing port to an offshore-energy port is brilliantly illustrating the transformation, which the Danish ports have lead the last decades – the transformation will by all accounts accelerate the coming years. The topic of “Port Transformation” has therefore been chosen as a collective title for the Port Conference 2018.

You find the programme for the Port Conference at Danish Ports website here.

The audience at the Port Conference 2018 will be port executives, board members of the ports, the ports’ collaborators, representatives from other European ports, and researchers from international universities as well as everyone in Denmark and abroad who are interested in developments in the sector. This presents a great opportunity to expose your business to influencers.

In connection with plenary hall there will an opportunity to set-up a booth at the foyer. All participants will pass the foyer; it is where the breaks will take place, where the coffee and drinks will be served prior to the dinner Tuesday evening. There is therefore a great opportunity to be seen and come in dialogue with the participants.

Practical Information

Location: Musikhuset Esbjerg, Havnegade 18, DK-6700 Esbjerg


The Port Conference 2018 will take place at the conference area from Tuesday, April 10th 2018, at 12.00 (tour at the Port of Esbjerg from 10.00-12.00). The set up may begin from Tuesday, April 10th 2018, at 07.30. The Port Conference will end at Wednesday, April 11th 2018 at 12.00, the dismantling of the booths must be done at April 11th 2018 before 16.00.

Ordering Booths and Exhibitors

At registration for Port Conference 2018, it will be possible to register for at booth. The person who are registered as participant will appear at the participants list at the Port Conference 2018.

All additional personnel manning the booth has to be registered as ordinary participants at the Port Conference 2018. Registration is possible here.

All breaks will be held at the foyer. During conference breaks we recommend the booths to be manned. The remaining time exhibitors are more than welcome to participate at the programme at the Port Conference 2018.

Any cancellation of booths must be done before March 10th 2018, hereafter the registration is binding and any fee will be charged.


All booths have a length of 3 meters and a depth of 2 meters. It will be possible to register for more than 1 booth. The number of booths are limited.

The booths will be placed at the foyer based on this setup similar to this.

This picture will give you an impression of the foyer.

All walkways must be kept clear. Signs, roll-ups etc. must not be set up outside the perimeter of the booth.

If exhibitors wishes to display bigger items, please contact Danish Ports.


Exhibitors, themselves, must bring all material and equipment needed. A coffee-table or conference-table, electricity and internet connection will be available at every booth.

It will be possible to set up posters, roll-ups etc.

If you require anything else, please contact Julie Mørk Pedersen, Musikhuset Esbjerg, at or +45 76 10 90 37.


The combined price for registration of one participant and one booth will be DKK 9,990.00 excl. VAT.

Presentation and participants list

Please provide a written presentation of the company (max 150 words) as well as a logo. The presentation will appear at the list of exhibitors together with the entire conference material. The presentation must be provided via e-mail to Eva Fiil Nielsen, no later than Friday, March 16th 2018.

Contact information

If you have any questions, please contact Eva Fiil Nielsen at or +45 61 71 07 06.


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