Port Conference 2018, 10th – 11th of April 2018

10.00-12.00 Guided tour around the Port of Esbjerg
12.00-12.40 Lunch
12.40-12.50 Welcome by Jesper Frost Rasmussen, Mayor of Esbjerg
12.50-13.20 State of the nation – the Danish port sector by Ole Ingrisch, chairman of the board of Danish Ports Association and Port director on Port of Esbjerg
13.20-14.00 The new port regulation by Peter Maskell, professor at CBS and chairman of the Advisory Board to the new port regulation.

”Modernising the current port regulation is an important and highly relevant theme which the first part of this port conference will tackle. Chairman of the advisory board established by the minister for transport, professor Peter Maskell, will introduce the main conclusions and recommendations of the committee.”

14.00-14.30 Port Transformation – how does the minister for transport see this development and amble time for questions by Ole Birk Olesen (LA), minister of transport
14.30-14.45 Coffee break in exhibition area
14.45-15.30 Understand port transformation  by Peter de Langen, visiting professor at CBS Maritime, (the keynote will be in English, there will be an interpreter)

It is not possible to predict the future. But Peter de Langen has the latest research on some of the European ports that are most competitive and will be able to show how their various transformations have ensured their competitiveness going forward So with Peter de Langen’s insights, we should be better equipped to understand the transformations the Danish ports need to undergo to ensure future competitiveness.

15.30-16.15 Ocean economy by Sofia Fürstenberg, Nor-Shipping, Business Development and DS Manager

In 2030 the number of people employed within the ocean economy have increased from 31 mio. people in 2010 to 40 mio. people in 2030 according to the OECD report ‘The ocean economy in 2030”. How does the shipping industry approach this new business case? And which transformation does this entail for the Danish ports in terms of new services needed and new demands to be fulfilled by the customers?

16.15-16.45 Coffee break in the exhibition area
16.45-18.30 General Assembly – the Association of Danish Ports
16.45-18.30 Academic Workshop – Maritime Port Transformation Conference

Parallel to the general assembly there will be a researcher session where participants who do not wish to attend the general assembly are welcome to join. The aim of the academic workshop is to bring general management scholars in four specific topical areas (see below) together with port scholars and port executives to reflect on how management research can aid the port industry in adapting to economic change. While this would be of interest to the ports and their users it should also have as a result to raise the quality and sophistication of port management research (which is today rather descriptive and substantially non-theoretical).

  • Corporate governance
  • Business model innovation
  • Geographical clustering
  • Internationalisation
18.30-19.00 Welcome reception with oysters and bubbles in the exhibition area
19.00-21.15 Dinner and speeches
21.15- Concert and bar
11th of April 2018
07.30-08.15 Jogging for the early birds
08.30-09.00 Coffee and croissants in the exhibition area
09.00-09.05 Morning song
09.05-10.00 Brexit by Claus Grube, Senior Advisor, Ambassador, formerly based in London


The consequences of Brexit are still unclear and lack of facts and uncertainty are a bad match for long term business planning. This presentation will focus on what we know so far and what the expectations are?

10.00-11.40 Workshops (break between 10.40-10.50)
Session: Digitalisation Everyone talks about open source, optimising digitalisation but how is it relevant for the Danish ports? How can ports and their customers benefit from this transformation of the maritime and ocean industries? What does it require from the port executives and their organisation? And what are the steps from talk to action?


Presentation by Bo Overgaard, CEO Septima
Infrastructure can be digital as well. But what is head and what is tales in a world where so much data is public? What is step one? Bo Overgaard, CEO of Septima, presents their work on how to guide companies through the data jungle with the end in mind that they wish to optimise their business case using free data.

Presentaion by Thomas Okke Frahm, senior vice president and CIO, Nilfisk

”When you talk about digitalisation, you can’t as a modern company lean back and be a follower. Digitalisation takes place at the front line. It requires a completely new set of ‘capabilities’. It also requires new ways of thinking and new ways of managing your company”. Nilfisk’s CIO, Thomas Okke Frahm, presents how Nilfisk is upgrading on the digitalisation and how they work on producing product innovation with IT.

Presentation by Thomas Bagge, Senior Director at Mærsk and Advisor at Usertribe.
The ambition of Mærsk and IBM’s new company is to create a new common global eco-system for the transport industry. It is believed it will work, if the main part of the shipping industry, the terminals and the ports are prepared to join. But how do you as a port ensure that your are prepared to join this new digital infrastructure?

Session: Circular economy Session is still being planned
Spor: Udbudsportal

(in Danish only)

10.00-10.40 – deltagere på udbudsportal-sporet kan frit gå til andet spor efter kaffepausen

Oplæg v/ Anne Borch Dissing, projektkonsulent ved Kammeradvokaten

Den 1. juli 2018 træder den nye udbudslov i kraft, som medfører at EU-udbud fremover skal være fuldt ud digitale. For at lette havnene i forbindelse med udbud, blev det på bestyrelsesmødet i Danske Havne den 28.-29. november 2017, besluttet, at der etableres en brugerbetalt digital udbudsservice, som havnene får mulighed for at bruge. Danske Havne har derfor indgået aftale med Kammeradvokaten, om at give adgang til deres portal Digitale Udbud. ”Digitale Udbud”, er et digitalt udbudssystem, der understøtter håndtering af udbudsprocessen fra oprettelse af udbudspakke til udvælgelse af tilbudsgiver. Kammeradvokaten vil redegøre for krav i forbindelse med udbudsprocesser og introducere til ”Digitale Udbud” med en gennemgang af systemet.

Session: Academic Workshop – Maritime Port Transformation Conference
  • Corporate governance
  • Business model innovation
  • Geographical clustering
  • Internationalisation
11.40-12.00 Award and conclusion of the conference
12.00-13.00 Lunch

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